Business Operations Specialist Number of recruits: 2

Years of work: 1-3 years Education: college or above
Job Function: Forwarder Business Executive / Specialist
description of job:
一、Job Responsibilities
1,Understand the Shenzhen company's existing price resources at the market level, we are selling the shipowners in the Shenzhen market makers and their route and price advantage, given our market price of professional advice。
2,Organize the current price of Shenzhen company resources, for the company's current lack of price resources to supplement part
3,To all the shipping companies in Shenzhen market routes to understand and compare the characteristics of an effective and timely manner to the sales and operation of the inquiry to give the best quotations Price Management
1. Responsible for collecting the prices of local shipping companies and peers, sorting out advantages and diversified tariffs。
2. Management of tariff updates, timely and accurate issue to the relevant personnel。
3. Understand the market price changes in the market price and the company's contract price there is a big gap, timely reporting, with the company to collect information for negotiation。
4. Market analysis, report changes in local tariffs, route adjustments, the existing changes in the market have an accurate analysis of the future market have a professional forecast, and in a timely manner to the company to report。
5. Handle local special offers, including name account / spot rate, and copy to headquarters。
6. Maintain and headquarters and other parts of the sales / marketing / outreach communication, given the market price of professional guidance and recommendations。
7.Manage the entry and updating of local tariffs and maintain the accuracy and timeliness of tariffs。
Product design and promotion
1.Assist product design and market research, accurate collection to provide market information. Assist in the completion of new product discovery and feasibility studies。
2.According to the price policy, the effective implementation of price stratification and control, making the company's products can be promoted and the maximum benefit. other
1. Other matters arranged by the company
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Overseas customer service with a single number: 2

Years of work: 1-3 years Education: college or above
Salary and welfare interview
Job Responsibilities:
1、Good company clients and overseas agents of the maintenance work;
2、Assist in the processing of overseas orders, provide customers with one-stop sea shipping services, to maintain customer and company stable business cooperation;
3、According to the information provided by the customer, contact the supplier, finalize the specific shipping plan with the supplier, and timely feedback the result to the customer;
4、According to the plan, make BOOKING discharge to the owner or peers, confirm the position, release positions or arrange local services, complete the document processing;
5、Follow-up and customer accounts payable reconciliation, to confirm the bill of lading, etc .;
6、After-sale goods tracking service, in a timely manner to overseas agents, customers feedback business status, file archiving, etc.;
7、Assist department leaders to handle other related businesses。

Job requirements:
1、College degree or above;
2、More than one year experience in the freight forwarding operation, familiar with all aspects of the import and export of international seaborne transport, the handling of overseas designated cargo business experience;
3、Careful, structured, good sense of service, strong sense of responsibility;
4、Have good communication skills, focus on teamwork;
5、Skilled use of WORD, EXCEL, FOXMAIL and other office software;
6、Fluency in reading and writing in English, four or six adopted by the priority hiring.

Please send your resume to email:szadmin@china-emprise.com或



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