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AMP International Logistics, formerly known as Ningbo AMP International Logistics Co., Ltd., founded in 2010, is a comprehensive international logistics company integrating international shipping, NVOCC, project logistics and supply chain management solutions. Funds reached 20 million, AMP Logistics is an international freight forwarding company approved by the International Department of Commerce, is the non-vessel carrier approved by the Ministry of Transportation.

AMP headquarters is headquartered in Ningbo, China, with offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Jiaxing, Taipei and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. It owns over 500 employees and operates over 200,000 TEU a year. At the same time in Europe, the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the Middle East, the Red Sea, North America; Central and South America, Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia has a number of overseas agents, the service network throughout the world, can provide all ports of entry and exports from China to the rest of the world's maritime and multimodal transport services .

After years of rapid growth, the company has become a core carrier of many major shipping companies including Evergreen Line, COSCO Shipping Lines, Hyundai Merchant Marine, Snerican President Lines, Wan Hai Line, EMIRATES shipping lines, Mediterranean Shipping Line, Maersk Line, Orient Overseas Container Line, Hapag-Lioyd, Yang Ming Marine Transportation and CMA CGM. For more than 5,000 customers worldwide to provide high quality international logistics services, including TCL; Gree; Guizhou Tire; Sany Heavy Industry; Abison Optoelectronics and many other world-renowned enterprises. At the same time we also provide accommodation for many domestic and foreign counterparts; tariffs and customs clearance services. Through our investment in network and IT, we have also become a long-term third-party logistics partner and supply chain management solution provider to many large-scale international buyers and manufacturers. It is also the first internationalized representative of China's international logistics industry. It is an important participator and leader in the global logistics market competition.



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